WOD Information

Third WOD Released:

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Second WOD Released:

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First WOD Released:

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There will be a total of three WODs.

To have a fair standard across the board for all athletes, adaptive athletes will show their adaption to the movement to their judge. Able bodied athletes will be shown the adaptive movement standards. Judges will pay close attention to the athletes function and hold all athletes to the event standard. *changes applicable to disability

The movements in this competition can be executed with all adaptions. Listed below are possible movements you should be able to perform either seated, using one arm or by CrossFit standards: rowing, box jump/transfer, push up, pull up, burpees, toes to bar, rope climb, farmer's carry, wall balls, over the shoulder medicine ball, medicine ball slam, deadlift, strict press, snatch, kettle bell swing, and turkish get up.